i want the url bennet halverson



i can’t believe bennett….. i love bennett….. live and breathe, my beautiful

bennett halverson my actual daughter

posting on this blog so tumblr won’t think im url hoarding. who knows tumblr? amd i really hoarding? i post here. i am allowed to be here. i’m legal.

*cuts off joss whedon’s dick* how does it feel punk

dollhouse au where everything is the same but bennett doesn’t die and she and topher live happily ever after 

hahaha yeah right thanks joss whedon

i want the url topherbrink to not be such a fucking ass blog you piece of shit stoner

i cannot bELIEVE bennett halverson is fucking dead

ok so tumblr says no url hoarding but fuck this alright? alright alright alright alright alright alright if i make posts on this blog occasionally then ti’s legal